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Shredder Buying Guide

How to Select the Right Paper Shredder to Protect Yourself or Your Business

Choosing the right shredder, however, can be an overwhelming task because you need to choose between so many different types and categories. Answer the following simple questions about your shredding needs and then look for icons below to find the paper shredder that's right for you.

  • How many people will use the shredder everyday?
  • How much do you need to shred?
  • How much security do you need?
  • Do you need to get rid of non-paper items?
  • What security features do you need?
  • What kind of special features do you need?
  • What kind of warranty coverage do you need?

  • Shredder Types

    Strip-Cut Shredders (Level P-2)

    Shreds documents that do not include sensitive information into a bunch of strips.. They are fast and shred more paper at a time and require lower maintenance. Strip cut shredders destroy one letter size paper into 34+ strips.

    Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-3)

    These shredders provide greater security by shredding paper in two directions. Ideal for destroying medium security documents. One letter-size sheet of paper is shredded into 200+ pieces.

    Super Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-4)

    Use to shred documents that contain sensitive data like personal ID information. These shredders provide moderately higher security than cross cut shredders. One letter size sheet of paper is shredded into 400+ pieces.

    Micro-Cut Shredders(Level P-5)

    These kinds of shredders reduce information down to a mere particle. Highly sensitive data such as medical or financial documents can be securely disposed off with this cut style. One letter-size sheet of paper is shredded into 2,000+pieces.

    Super Micro-Cut Shredders (Level P-6))

    Shredders with this cut style are ideal for highly sensitive legal documents or forms with fine prints. They create confetti size shreds that range in size from dime-size pieces to needle-point pieces. One letter-size sheet of paper is shredded into 6,200+ pieces.

    High Security Shredders(Level P-7))

    These shredders are of the highest type and meets NSA standards turning documents into dust. High security shredders are ideal for discarding classified and top secret documents. One letter-size sheet of paper is shredded into 13,000+ pieces.

    Shredder Features

    Intelligent Auto+TM Jam Clearance

    Clears paper jams and resume shredding without user action. This feature enables fully automatic, hands free shredding by reversing and re-feeding stuck papers to clear jams.

    Non-Stop Jam FreeTM

    During manual shred operation this patented technology works constantly to prevent jams from occurring. LED indicators with red and green lights indicate if user has exceeded or is within the shredder capacity.

    Jam Stopper

    Prevents paper jams by automatically reversing the excess papers fed in the shredder.

    Lockable Chamber

    Locks the shredder chamber that protects documents even during shredding. It's a programmable lock that requires a 4-digit PIN to open the paper chamber.

    Shreds CD's, Credit Cards, Staples and Paper Clips

    These shredders destroy documents with staples and paper clips. They are designed with separate slot for shredding CD's, DVD's and credit cards.

    Shreds Credit Cards, Staples and Paper Clips

    This machine shreds documents with paper clips and staples on them and has a separate slot for shredding credit cards.

    Ultra Quiet

    Delivers quiet shredding operations. It is 10 decibels quieter than competitive models.

    Intelligent SelfOil

    Automatically lubricate the cutters of the shredder that helps maintain peak performance and extends machines life.

    Intelligent Self-Cleaning Cutters

    Remove shreds from cutters and reduce builds up that help ensure jam free performance.

    Bin Full

    The shredder interface has an icon that illuminates when the waste bin is full and needs to change.

    Intelligent Power Safe (2 minutes or 30 minutes)

    Auto shut off feature enables shredder to power off in case of inactivity to conserve energy. When paper inserted the shredder wakes up automatically.

    Recyclable Paper Bags

    Shredder bags are made with recyclable paper and the bin of the shredder is compatible for use with these custom sized recyclable paper bags.

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